Friday, March 19, 2010

HP computer: HP introduces Compaq AirLife 100

HP introduced a new netbook that allows users to use online resources in a novel way when they need to access and use web sites, e-mail, social networks, instant messaging, photos, music and more.

The Compaq AirLife 100 includes a 10.1-inch bright screen, Android operating system (full multitasking support), and a customized touch interface.

Definitely, HP is taking advantage of its legacy and innovation in the touch technology. This way, the customized touch interface offers a new touch navigation experience, an easy system to make zoom in and out on web pages in the browser and a set of additional touch resources and shortcuts menu.

This new netbook also reinforces the strategic agreement signed on November 2009 between HP and the European telecommunications company Telefonica to define a partnership that provides mobile broadband services to markets located in Europe and Latin America. According to the companies, HP and Telefonica have created this association in order to offer an unsurpassable online experience for customers.

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