Friday, March 19, 2010

HP computer: HP introduces Compaq AirLife 100

HP introduced a new netbook that allows users to use online resources in a novel way when they need to access and use web sites, e-mail, social networks, instant messaging, photos, music and more.

The Compaq AirLife 100 includes a 10.1-inch bright screen, Android operating system (full multitasking support), and a customized touch interface.

Definitely, HP is taking advantage of its legacy and innovation in the touch technology. This way, the customized touch interface offers a new touch navigation experience, an easy system to make zoom in and out on web pages in the browser and a set of additional touch resources and shortcuts menu.

This new netbook also reinforces the strategic agreement signed on November 2009 between HP and the European telecommunications company Telefonica to define a partnership that provides mobile broadband services to markets located in Europe and Latin America. According to the companies, HP and Telefonica have created this association in order to offer an unsurpassable online experience for customers.

Playstation portable games: Sony to create a smartphone with PSP gaming capabilities

There is an interesting nonofficial announcement coming from Japan: Several journalist have made public that Sony is planning to develop a smartphone where users will be able to play PSP games. In addition, apparently, Sony would be creating a device with a wide range of features, so it would not be easy to define it as a netbook, or an e-reader, or a handheld console (like PSP); actually, it would be a combination of all of them.

These projects are the reaction of Sony to Apple strategies, particularly regarding the iPad and iPhone. So, this is an interesting competition that, hopefully, will benefit the end users. But, at the same time, it could be interpreted as an obvious and meaningful evolution of the PSP, a console that has had strong competitors since it was launched commercially.

As you can imagine, the new smartphone that would be able to play PSP games won’t include slots to insert game cartridges. Instead, they could be connected to the online shop “PlayStation Store” (which is currently accessible by using a PlayStation 3 or PSP console) to download games developed for PSP. Sony Ericsson is working on this smartphone and, most likely, it will impact the mobile market in a strong way. However, it is not clear yet whether the whole PSP catalog will be supported, or only a reduced number of games. Apparently, the original games developed by Sony will be totally supported, but maybe third-party games could have some limitations, at least initially.

For the moment, the only thing we can do is to wait for official announcements and watch for the way how these projects move forward, since Sony is constantly surprising us with innovations and unexpected products. After the launch of the PSPGo, which has had very little success, the company needs a new product with a “wow” factor: That would be an opportunity to recover fans and increase earnings.

Mini computer Sony Vaio M: It will be launched at the end of March in Europe

The new Sony Vaio M will hit the European stores at the end of March. That is a new medium-end netbook whose price has not been revealed yet; however, we think that, as usual with the Vaio lines, the price will be higher than the average prices of other netbooks. The launch was confirmed by some British representatives of the company Sony. The Sony Vaio M will be introduced as a computer with a 10.1-inch screen and a battery that will be able to provide energy during about 8 hours before needing a recharge.

Screen will be LED-illuminated (of course!) and, although at this time we don’t know what resolutions it will support, judging by the size of the monitor, it is very possible that the default resolution will be 1024 x 600 pixels. Once again, a Pine Trail chip will be the heart of the processor for this new netbook. Specifically, we are talking about the Intel Atom N450 at 1.66GHz.

As you can imagine, the operating system of the Sony Vaio M will be Windows 7. The storage capacity is defined by the 2.5-inch hard drive that will be installed by default inside the Sony Vaio M; that is to say: 250GB. In addition, those netbooks will have a single RAM module (pre-installed) with a capacity of 1GB (at least it will be the standard feature for the basic version).

Regarding connectors, there is no surprises; just the regular things of a normal computer. This new Sony Vaio M will come with Bluetooth support (a “must-have” feature nowadays), three USB 2.0 ports, and network card compatible with Wi-Fi systems.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Digital Picture Frames The Future Of Photography

My wife and I take hundreds of pictures of our daughter. If you are like us then those pictures are safely squirreled away on our computer. Some pictures you take to look at in the future. Some pictures you take just to record something. But, having those hundreds of pictures digitized on your computer is rather useless. That is unless you put them on a CD and take them to the local photo shop and make prints of them.

Printing pictures at the local photo shop can be really expensive. But, if you print your pictures at home with your home printer, you run the risk that the prints may not be as nice as you would like. Now you could buy an expensive printer design to print photos. These printers can cost from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Not to mention the cost of the special ink and the special paper. If you print pictures, then the cost of ink and paper could run you several hundred dollars a year.

Once you have made the investment into a great photo ready printer and the necessary ink and paper that does not mean that the pictures will always come out nice. Moreover, printed pictures tend to fade over time and can be easily damaged from handling. The older those pictures get the easier it is to damage them. Until, eventually you will have to put them away for safe keeping. At that point those pictures you made such big investment in become nearly useless out of site not seen by anyone.

For now let’s not look at the fact that pictures fade and are fragile. What about when you want to change the pictures that decorate the walls in your house. I don’t know about you but my grand parents filled the walls of the hallways and staircases in their house with pictures of family, friends, and events throughout their life. There were probably hundreds of pictures along these walls. Could you imagine trying to changes these pictures out on the spur of the moment; or on a seasonal basis? That would be a huge task.

Modern technology has solved this problem and enabled you to share your memories forever without worry. Digital picture frames are the future of photography. Digital picture frames allow you to showcase your pictures without worrying about loosing them or damaging them.

Digital picture frames allow you to easily and conveniently change the pictures on your walls. Whether you want to change the pictures because of the change of season, or change them because your in-laws are coming over, digital picture frames enable you to change them easily and fast.

With digital picture frames you can change all of the pictures in your house from as easily as changing the channel on your television. You can do it all from the comfort of your computer. Most but not all frames have on board memory that allows you to load several pictures at a time. You can change these pictures at will by using either a remote control or the convenient buttons on the frame itself. Many frames allow you to load pictures into the frames from either an SD card, USB disk, or even wirelessly. Wireless digital picture frames are the most convenient as the allow you to change all of the pictures in your house from the nice cushy chair in front of your computer. Digital picture frames are the future of photography.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Samsung Fashion Phone Tells Us When We’ve Eaten Too Much

Now I like a nicely styled, pretty phone as much as the next girl, but the plethora of ‘pink girly’ phones that companies produce in the hope they will lure girls into starry eyed submission is getting a little annoying. Now this offering is rather curious, as at first glance it does look nice, but moving beyond the clam-shell design, it’s packed with frankly insulting features, from a calorie counting system to a perfume matcher.

Bot Brain

If you have a passion for robotic projects, then the BotBrain Animatronic Robot Head Kit is a pretty good toy for you. It is meant to help one pick up the basics of robotics and animatronics by leading the user through the entire assembly process of a fully functioning animatronic head. This head will be able to turn left and right, with moving eyes and eyelids add to the realism. The mouth can change according to how it is “feeling” at the moment, while integrated sensors enable it to react to changes in the environment. The BotBrain Animatronic Robot Head Kit retails for $449 so make sure you have a great love for all things robotic before dropping that amount of cash.

Make Your Automobile A Portable Kitchen

don’t know many people that cook in their car, but if you are part of that group, check out this sandwich maker (Aka toaster) which be a good addition for your portable kitchen. The Road Pro 12 Volt Sandwich Maker, the device gets power from the cigarette lighter socket. The power cord only measures 5 foot, but since the cooking sessions are made inside the car, you probably don’t need much space…